The retiree segment

  • Most Boomers (99%) will take at least one leisure trip each year. (AARP 2016)
  • 51% of boomers expect to travel within Australia, and 43% are hoping to travel both domestically and internationally (AARP 2016)
  • The single Baby Boomer is more likely to travel abroad than limit themselves to domestic travel.
  • The ‘Bucket List’ remains the most common international trip type among Baby Boomers.

Bound Round & retiree travel platforms

In 2016 Bound Round was engaged by the Direct Group to create a travel brand for their customers. In early 2017 we launched MyDiscoveries, a travel platform that makes finding and buying holidays for Australian retirees easy and affordable for the Direct Group.

MyDiscoveries holidays are marketed to a closed group of over 2 million prospective customers through catalog and digital marketing channels as well as through partner networks.