The family travel segment

  • Family travel is $140bn market
  • 93% families plan to travel with their children within next 2 years
  • Families who travel take on average 3.5 domestic and 1.25 international trips a year
  • Family travel accounts for 33% of all leisure trips booked

The family travel market is poised for significant growth according to a 2016 study from the US-based Family Travel Association (FTA). The survey, whose participants ranged from travel agents to tour operators and hotels to tourist boards, revealed that this segment is set to boom, largely led by consumer interest in spending quality time traveling together as a family.

“Our family travel findings indicate a major opportunity for the travel industry,” said Rainer Jenss, President of the Family Travel Association. “This is a developing area still in need of research and analysis so our hope in sharing these results is that they serve as a catalyst for the travel industry to expand and improve its offerings for families.”

Bound Round was the first Asia-Pacific member of the Family Travel Association, and we launched the APAC chapter of the FTA in 2017. You can find out more about the family travel segment and how you can get involved in the industry body here.

What do Australian families look like?

  • 28% of Australian families are made up of two natural (adoptive or biological) parents and two kids
  • 23% of Australian families are made up of two natural (adoptive or biological) parents and one kids
  • Single parents with one child make up 15% of Australian families
  • Intact families with more than three children make up 13% of Australian families
  • Single parent families where there is more than one child make up 11% of Australian families.
  • Children in step-families experience complex living arrangements, sharing time between parents has become more common and each year, one in five children aged 4–17 years live in shared time arrangements.
  • Grandparents commonly care for grandchildren, with 65% of grandparents aged 40–69 years doing caring duties at least once a week.

Bound Round’s family travel channels

Bound Round started as a kids travel app in 2012 and since then has evolved to become the parent company of the largest, integrated family travel platform in Asia Pacific

In early 2018, Bound Round acquired Out & About With Kids, Australia’s leading family travel magazine and website, creating the largest family travel editorial platform in APAC. The merger brought together two of the most experienced family travel outlets with a combined reach of over 3,500,000 per year.

Bound Round now runs both family travel brands:

  • Family Travel
    The website publishes news, family travel deals and information to help Australian’s research, plan and book their next family holiday.
    Family Travel magazine is published 5 times a year and includes a dedicated section for getting Out & About with your kids around Australia.
  • Out & About With Kids
    The Out & About With Kids brand includes a multimedia mix of magazine and website that to explore all the popular holiday and leisure time destinations around Australia. Our aim is to help parents plan and make informed decisions so they can minimise the stress and increase the enjoyment levels when travelling domestically or simply getting ‘out and about’ with their children.

Real Families of Australia

Throughout 2017 & 2018 we have worked with 20 families around Australia to create the Families of Australia video series. Each family was selected based on a video submission, and then worked with us for over 12 months to create video content highlighting what’s great for a ‘family like them’ in their region.

Learn more about the series through this short introduction video and visit the Families of Australia website to learn more.

Alternatively watch the series that airs as part of Virgin Australia’s in-flight entertainment system on the Families Of Australia YouTube playlist
Meet our #FamiliesOfAustralia , a group of 19 families who were chosen to be the face of their region. Each school holidays they get to experience fun things to do around their home city and we share their stories via video. These are real families doing real activities around Australia… come check out their stories!

Specialist players in the family travel segment in Australia

So many businesses say they’re family friendly. And that’s true. But what’s ‘normal’ for Australian families has changed a lot over the last 10 years. Here are some examples of businesses that we think are doing a good job of creating travel products for the changing face of families.

  • Travel with Kidz 
    Australia’s first family travel specialist accreditation program, Travel with Kidz is a brand of Travel Managers Australia
  • Air New Zealand
    Air New Zealand have made family air travel a focus in both their product design and marketing campaigns
  • Intrepid Travel
    Intrepid have a series of family specific tours, including tours specifically for solo parents


Work with us to engage with the family travel segment

Never work with kids or animals, right? Well we’ve got you covered.

Bound Round are Australia’s most prolific kids video content producers. We’re great at getting kids being cute, curious and creative on camera.

We have been producing video with kids around Australia since 2012. We’ve produced over 1,000 video reviews of the best travel experiences for families for travel and tourism brands such as:

Using our team of writers, videographers, producers and an incredible pool of family talent around the country, we can work with you to create:

  • Original, unscripted video reviews delivered by kids or adults that’s on brand and completely authentic, using our network of real family talent
  • Scripted short or long form family video reviews, for use on your digital channels and our digital channels, including social media
  • A virtual guided tour in 3D to give a real “behind-the-scenes” teaser of what your travel experience offers

Our team are experts in engaging kids to tell the story of your travel experience in an authentic, family-friendly voice. And you can be assured that we are a child-safe company and all our staff you will meet have passed a Working with Children test.