Brand Marketing Services

Brand Marketing Services
At Bound Round we know niche travel promotion and we can help you create compelling and highly targeted content and / distribute your content to targeted niches.

For tourism or consumer brand that wants to engage more mum’s or baby boomers with your amazing experience or product?

The Bound Round consulting team can work with you to plan, craft and place your brand stories, videos and ads to target specific consumer groups and maximise your exposure and engagement.

It’s a three step, fully integrated process:

1. We work with you to plan your messages, communication approaches, distribution channels and the campaign measures of success
2. Our creative team works with you to create amazing content that’s on message, visually stunning and highly engaging
3. We share the content across our network of owned and partner media platforms that include print, radio, online, social and travel agents.

Not ready to jump into a fully integrated approach?

You can we’ll happily support you with any one of the three steps as a distinct piece of work.