The Importance of Video to Travel Marketing

A picture might be worth a thousand words, but when it comes to travel marketing, video is the new game changer.

According to this report by eMarketer (The U.S. Travel Industry 2014: Digital Ad Spending Forecast and Trends), branded video content is the most popular type of travel-related video for US travellers. A survey of almost 2,500 business and leisure travellers revealed branded videos were watched more than videos and trip reviews produced by experts, regular travellers, and even friends and family.

Video transports viewers to another place, making it the perfect medium to showcase destinations, experiences and travel products and services. In fact, research shows that 60 per cent of customers prefer websites that feature video, and are up to 70 per cent more likely to book activities, hotels, packages and attractions shown in a video experience.

Video is a rich, engaging format with the power to cut through and create an emotional connection with the viewer. That’s why digital video will account for up to 30 per cent of marketers’ total digital budgets by the end of 2014 (check out the full report here).

But in the rush to capitalise on this trend, travel businesses need to make sure they stand out for the right reasons. That’s why it makes sense to partner with producers who have the skills and experience to produce compelling content for your target audience.

Bound Round is unique: we’re the only travel app producing video content by kids, for kids. Partnering with us will help you to produce high quality, exclusive video content to engage directly with kids before, during and after their visit to your attraction and harness pester power to get more kids coming to your attraction.

What’s more, by appearing on Bound Round’s platform, you can become a known kids’ brand through recommendation (by kids) and your attraction is associated with a brand that 8-12 year old kids know, love and talk about.

A Need For Better Family Holiday Planning

We were shocked to see Mastercard’s latest research which found that the vast majority of US adults are stressed out by the time and effort required to plan a family trip! At Bound Round, we’re a big fan of family holidays and always have our next trip half planned and ready to go.

Here are the major findings from the survey:

  • 89 per cent of US adults are stressed out by the time and effort required to plan a family trip.
  • 50 per cent said choosing a destination was a major cause of angst
  • 49 per cent thought developing an itinerary of fun and unique experiences was almost as big an issue
  • 50 per cent of respondents said the wish they could redo a past family holiday
  • 44 per cent of people said finding family friendly accommodation was hassle.
  • The perceived hassle is notably greater among people who do not have vacation plans. For instance, those without a trip in the books are more likely to wish planning a family vacation was simpler (72 per cent versus 66 per cent of those with vacation plans).
  • Women (74 per cent) are more likely than men (67 per cent) to find family vacation planning stressful.

This is such a valuable insight for those of us in the family travel market. Holidaymakers are obviously calling out for tools and content that make planning easier and deliver activities that they know their whole family, including kids, will love.

When you work in an industry that’s dedicated to and passionate about delivering fantastic experiences for people, it’s terrible to think that your visitors are struggling to find you and can’t be confident that you are what they want.

We need to get the fun back into family holidays!!

[Of course, we think that Bound Round is a great way to solve these problems. If you do too, let’s chat!]

Investing In Video Results In Better Google Rankings

One of Bound Round’s mantras is that by embedding our videos on your website, you will improve your SEO results.

Here is a great article by Shawn Formo that explains this really well – Four Key Video SEO metrics.

Basically, Google’s search algorithm ranks the use of video extremely highly. So a website that holds a lot of video content will perform better in a Google search than a website that just relies on text and photos.  That means your website is more likely to appear higher on the results page if it hosts videos on it.

Secondly, people will click on videos. So if your website comes back from their search and it has video, they are more likely to click on it than on a website without video. Video also grabs and holds their attention – they’re more likely to have a look around at the rest of your great content once they’ve watched your video.

Finally, videos generate links because if people like your video they will link to it from social media or their own websites. And links are used by the Google to help rank your site. It’s a bit of a vicious cycle.

So there you are, not-too-technical reasons why video is great for SEO. And if it’s great for SEO, then it’s a great tool for bringing your business to the attention of more potential holiday-makers.

Here’s the link to the full article again, where each of these ideas is explained in more detail.

Bound Round Web App Launched!

Great news, the Bound Round web app is now live!  This means all our content is now available to anyone with an internet connection, regardless of what device they are using.  Here are all the details.

Mobile, desktop, iPad, Android – they’re all able to find and use the Bound Round app.

Not only will this make Bound Round available to more travelling kids, it will also give us more data about how our users are interacting with our content.  So if you’re one of our amazing partners, we’ll be able to give you more details about what appeals to kids about your attraction.

And, just in case you need some stats on why it’s so important to be available anywhere, anytime these days – here’s a survey that highlights how fast the use mobile devices is becoming in the travel industry:

  • mobile now accounts for 43 per cent of all internet browsing
  • bookings on smartphones are up 198 per cent from last year (2013)
  • bookings follow traffic on mobile websites:  online revenue is nearly 20 per cent of all bookings.


Bound Round Reaches First International Location: Hong Kong

This is a very exciting week for the Bound Round team. Not only have we released an updated version of Bound Round Sydney, but also announced our first international location – Hong Kong!

Here is an insight into what the Bound Round Hong Kong city guide offers:

Bound Round kids guide, Stanley, shares 24 stories and 100 photos of fun things for kids to do on the islands of China’s most well known

Hong Kong is for kids!
Hong Kong is for kids!

From Disneyland to riding the Midlevels escalators and riding the Star Ferry, there’s load of things to keep young travellers entertained in Hong Kong.

Pink dolphins (technically called Chinese white dolphins) live in the waters around Lantau island in Hong Kong and to help raise awareness about the dwindling local population we chose that as our local kids guide character Stanley. Download Bound Round Hong Kong now to find out what local secrets he uncovers for 5 – 8 year olds in his home town.

Besides being able to share what’s fun to do in Hong Kong, the release of this kids travel app shows that we’ve improved our content production processes.  I’m writing this only 10 days after hearing about the opportunity to include Bound Round in an Amazing Race style adventure around Hong Kong. From a base of nothing, we researched, engaged local parents, wrote, recorded and have now released Bound Round Hong Kong. Yep, the team have been working round the clock to make this happen, and in doing so have shown that we can now start rolling out locations much more quickly… watch out world!

So on this super exciting day, a very special thanks to Chris Robertson, Tash Keller, Stefani Chinn, Adelle Perry, Ollie Planet and Arturo for bringing Bound Round Hong Kong to life. A huge thanks too to Deb Dickson-Smith for bringing us the opportunity and kick-starting the whole process. Thanks to the rest of the team too, for putting up with us being pre-occupied with this new priority!


1st March 2014
*NOTE: In February 2014, we consolidated Bound Round Hong Kong into our global app. This means all destinations are now available in one FREE iOS app, and as we add new cities, users will have access to that free content too. 

Festival Of The Winds – New App Stars Were Created!

The Bound Round team had our first festival appearance today at Bondi’s annual kite flying event – Festival of the Winds.


The sky was streaked with strings attached to brightly coloured pterodactyls, giant squid, cartoon characters and curious flying shapes all day. For Bound Round kid Daniel, the highlights were the family of flying whales and the pair of dancing kites, skimming their way across the sky and cutting in and out of each other at the flick of their master’s wrist.



In behind the beach-side adventure, the Bound Round team chatted with hundreds of parents and kids, showing them the new version of Bound Round Sydney which is just waiting to be released from iTunes.  We also ran a guessing competition, where the kids were guessing how many pens were in the jar. The winner was four-year-old Thomas with his guess of 57.

We had lots of guesses in the 50s and the correct answer was 56!  Congratulations Thomas on winning our Smiggle pack!

We also met some awesome kids keen to be Bound Round app stars. Interviewed by our current Kids Board members, we’re looking forward to watching the videos that these new app stars created today.


Bound Round team!
Bound Round team!

Stay tuned for more about our new app stars as we work our way through all the fantastic feedback, photos and videos from today.

Chris blowing bubbles!
Chris blowing bubbles!
Daniel's with so much to see!
Daniel’s with so much to see!
Flying, giant whales!
Flying, giant whales!
Giant jellyfish
Giant jellyfish
Daniel checks out the kites
Daniel checks out the kites
Checking out Bound Round
Checking out Bound Round