Our Story: Bound Round becomes Family Travel Online

familytravel.com.au is a website that helps adults plan and book trips and things to do that their whole family will enjoy.

For those of you who’ve been with us for a while… we used to be boundround.com. We’re still us, just with a different name, in the hope that it makes it easier for everyone to find us online.

Looking for awesome ideas for things to do with your family? Head to familytravel.com.au. Searching for inspiration for great places to visit with the kids or grandkids? Head to familytravel.com.au. All our great content that you know and love is there – just as you remember it – only it’s housed on our new website.

At Family Travel, real parents, carers, kids and grandparents share their family travel experiences through stories and videos so you can decide which destinations, experiences and attractions will be right for your tribe. Plus we work with professional family travel writers so you can hear from the experts too.

FamiliesOfAustralia web series
Families Of Australia web series showcases 20 families around Australia and all the things they like to do in their home town

Our hand-picked family travel deals are right for families of all sizes. And if you can’t find something you like, we’ve partnered with Australia’s largest family travel, travel agency Travel With Kidz so that their accredited family travel specialists can customise your perfect trip. Since 1995, Travel With Kidz, has been trusted by families wanting a stress free, safe and memorable holiday. Our network of highly skilled professional travel agents provides a unique and personal service, specialising in family travel worldwide.




Back in 2012, we started as a kids travel app, and it’s still available in the App Store. The app has been aligned to the Australian primary school curriculum so, if the kids are out of school to travel, then they can research and share their experiences through the app and tick of learning objectives at the same time.

Award winning kids travel app that’s aligned to the Australian primary school curriculum