Bound Round Reaches First International Location: Hong Kong

This is a very exciting week for the Bound Round team. Not only have we released an updated version of Bound Round Sydney, but also announced our first international location – Hong Kong!

Here is an insight into what the Bound Round Hong Kong city guide offers:

Bound Round kids guide, Stanley, shares 24 stories and 100 photos of fun things for kids to do on the islands of China’s most well known

Hong Kong is for kids!
Hong Kong is for kids!

From Disneyland to riding the Midlevels escalators and riding the Star Ferry, there’s load of things to keep young travellers entertained in Hong Kong.

Pink dolphins (technically called Chinese white dolphins) live in the waters around Lantau island in Hong Kong and to help raise awareness about the dwindling local population we chose that as our local kids guide character Stanley. Download Bound Round Hong Kong now to find out what local secrets he uncovers for 5 – 8 year olds in his home town.

Besides being able to share what’s fun to do in Hong Kong, the release of this kids travel app shows that we’ve improved our content production processes.  I’m writing this only 10 days after hearing about the opportunity to include Bound Round in an Amazing Race style adventure around Hong Kong. From a base of nothing, we researched, engaged local parents, wrote, recorded and have now released Bound Round Hong Kong. Yep, the team have been working round the clock to make this happen, and in doing so have shown that we can now start rolling out locations much more quickly… watch out world!

So on this super exciting day, a very special thanks to Chris Robertson, Tash Keller, Stefani Chinn, Adelle Perry, Ollie Planet and Arturo for bringing Bound Round Hong Kong to life. A huge thanks too to Deb Dickson-Smith for bringing us the opportunity and kick-starting the whole process. Thanks to the rest of the team too, for putting up with us being pre-occupied with this new priority!


1st March 2014
*NOTE: In February 2014, we consolidated Bound Round Hong Kong into our global app. This means all destinations are now available in one FREE iOS app, and as we add new cities, users will have access to that free content too.