Sponsored Content Delivers Results for Family Travel

In 2016, boundround.com ran a competition with partners Club Med and Scoot Airlines. We think it showcases the power of timely, targeted sponsored distributed on Bound Round’s managed platforms (such as familytravel.com.au or mydiscoveries.com.au) can reach, engage and sell to Australian families.

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Survey gives new insights on young kid’s use of digital media

The report The influence of children’s gender and age on children’s use of digital media at home identifies a handful of different perceptions of parents who are trying to limit the amount time their kids spend “plugged-in” are having, but what stays the same among all parents is that their young kids are spending time online. That’s why, coupled with the growing rates of children engaging with digital media, companies must focus on supplying content made especially for kids.

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Getting to Know Your Customers

There are three distinct types of family travellers. We know them by name, but now it's time to know them by behaviour and attitude. Thanks to research conducted by the Family Travel Association and the NYU School of Professional Studies, we can get a pretty clear...

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