Are You Confident That Your Online Activities Are Working?

This won’t shock anyone: families, like other travel segments, are researching their next holiday online. But what may come as a shock is that multiple studies show that over 70% of purchasing decisions are made online before a consumer engages you directly. That’s a big chunk of the market that you may never hear from unless you can engage with them online.

You’re probably already running multiple online activities, but how do you know they’re working effectively? Facebook suggest that a 2% engagement ranking is around average for a travel campaign. At Bound Round we’ve been able to deliver rates as high as 10% on recent campaigns. Online engagement is a numbers game but here’s my 3 proven guidelines to maximise results.

Targeting the right audience

The most common mistake is trying to target everyone. Be specific; start with your ideal customers in mind and focus on the most appropriate medium to get in front of them. For example, we target travelling families and we have over 19,500 subscribers, so we know it works.

Create engagement through content

Content is still king. Families make up around 30% of the travel market yet they’re mostly forgotten and barely catered for on the popular online portals. has been designed specifically to address this issue. In fact, we’ve built tens of thousands of hours of content so families, especially the kids, can research and explore a host of travel and activity options.

Strong call to action (CTA)

Especially within this industry, customers carry many apprehensions when it comes to making a definitive decision on where to go or what to do when they get there. That’s why it is imperative to have a strong call to action to drive your customers to book. Avoid being iffy or open-ended so as to make holidaymakers more compelled to hit “purchase”.

Our recent campaign with partners Club Med Bintan and Scoot Airlines was the most successful campaign we’ve run yet– and shows what’s possible when you tick all three of those boxes. We achieved better than average benchmark scores across all categories and generated over 2,500 new subscribers.

Want to connect better with the family travel market? We have the experience and platform to help you maximise your online activity. Contact us today to see how you can work with one of Australia’s top booking sites for family travel.

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